Who Are The Richest People In Formula 1?

Formula One racing is a competition that has been won by many Formula One drivers throughout the history of this championship. The reason for this is that you will find a great prize money available in addition to a few of the most astonishing cars available on the market. A lot of individuals can’t afford to get a car and will rather race in order to have a possibility of winning a great prize money. The two people that are at the peak of the game are normally the driver of the Mercedes engine along with the man who pushes the BMW engine. So who would be the wealthiest people in Formula One racing?

The person who now has the most expensive car is the Brazilian driver Felipe Massa. He became the first recipient of a leading Formula One car loan. Nearly all the money he won has been paid back to him with it converted into a greater interest rate car. Therefore whilst he’s the richest person on earth in terms of money, he is not the wealthiest people in Formula One either.

Quite an interesting statistic is that of Lewis Hamilton. This British Formula One driver is presently owed eighty million pounds by the British Automobile club. The money owed relates to money owed from an earlier loan he took out for his vehicle. He is also owed fifty million pounds by Sony Pictures due to a film contract he signed when he was a Formula One driver with Ferrari.

The next richest Formula One driver is Ferrari’s Felipe Massa. He is the younger brother of the famous Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Though the two men are extremely close in age they’ve regularly fought between themselves for the affection and respect of their fellow drivers. It is believed that they frequently clash over the amount of money that is handed out prize money especially by the Italian team Ferrari.

Another person to think about is the man known as Jean-ophe Verweye. He is the technical manager of Ferrari and is accountable for the design and development of the automobile that carries the F1 logo. Many believe that his principal reason for holding on this place is due to money owed from a previous spell working for the Italian firm Lippi Fabriati.

Some will say it is unjust that Formula One racing drivers have been compensated so well because they have an engine that cannot compete with that of Mercedes, Renault and BMW. However, there’s not any denying that the current generation of high ranking motors are actually better than ever. Whoever has the money will be the winner in Formula One racing.

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